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Professional Service

Strategic Planning

  • Client Advocacy

  • Strategic Advisory

  • Logistic Planning / Delivery

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Space Master Planning

  • Investment Management

  • Problem / Benefit Definitions

  • Option Analysis

  • Solution Mapping

  • Scope Establishment

  • Feasibility Investigations

  • Financial Viability Investigation

  • Budget Establishment

  • Gateway Business Case Preparation

  • Data Analysis

  • Trend Projections

  • Benchmarking

Process & Engagement

  • Community Consultation

  • Focus Group Facilitation

  • Design Thinking Facilitation

  • Resource Planning / Procurement

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Terms of Reference Establishment

  • Governance Reporting

  • Probity Plan Preparation

  • Communication Plan Establishment

  • Operational Analysis

  • Performance / Design Management

  • Space Design Advisory

  • Curriculum Project Delivery

Project Delivery

  • Agile Project Management

  • PRINCE2 Project Management

  • Budget Forecasting / Management

  • Scope / Change Management

  • Program Management

  • Tendering & Procurement

  • Contract Administration

  • Integration Management

  • Time Management

  • Risk Management

  • Budget Management

  • Quality Management 

  • Communications Management

Operations Management

  • Operational Brief Analysis

  • Design Standards Review

  • Performance Reporting

  • Operational Integration Management

  • Post Implementation Review

The Journey
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The Milestones

The Milestones


This is the most important stage of any transformation or investment project. This is the foundation stage where the problems and outcomes are established and agreed collectively from all stakeholders before strategic responses and asset solutions can be described and worked through. Investment Logic Maps help inform Business Cases and subsequently performance measured against key criteria at the end of implementation.


This is normally carried out during the Planning stage in order to test assumptions, carry out background existing condition surveys and risk mitigate in order to establish a Project Budget. This is also where high level stakeholder expectations are established, through Functional Briefs to inform scope for budgeting purposes.


Once funding have been secured, a full team of Design Consultants can be engaged to further develop the Functional Briefs and Design options. Our services offering includes tendering and procurement of the Project Team, leading and facilitating stakeholder engagement workshops and information sessions. This is also where internal operation Change Plans are established, consulted, communicated for implementation.​In many cases, due to program urgency, alternative construction procurement strategies are often considered.


This stage is to ensure internal stakeholders are fully informed and resourced towards taking over the new facilities at Practical Completion. Our service offering includes arranging for client side witness testing and commissioning for buildings services, ITS, Security, OHS, data base updating for Timetabling, access controls and staff/ students relocations.


Post Implementation Reviews provide the feedback loop and measure against operation outcome benefits, lessons learnt from pedagogy, space and technology utilisation and building services performance. This is normally carried out 12 months post occupation. This will also inform any design guidelines updates for future infrastructure investments.



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